Top 9 most famous places in Pokhara

Top 9 most famous places in Pokhara

Most famous places in Pokhara

Pokhara is one of the most famous cities in Nepal after Kathmandu. Pokhara is also known as the most tourist visiting a place.

Top 9 most famous places in Pokhara

It is known for the city of lakes. Pokhara is also known as the gateway to the Annapurna Circuit, a popular trail in the Himalayas. For many years it is an ideal destination for all kinds of tourists belonging to all the age groups. So if you planning to visit the Pokhara for a tour, family holiday you can visit such places.

Here are the top 9 most famous places in Pokhara which are listed below:

Phewa lake:

Phewa lake is one of the biggest and famous lakes inside the Pokhara among the 8 lakes and the second biggest in Whole Nepal. It is one of the major tourist’s Hotspot. You can see clear water mirrors the surrounding of Mt. Machhapuchre and Annapurna. In the center of the Phewa lake, there is a famous Tal Barahi Temple towards the east.

Top 9 most famous places in Pokhara

 It is built in the 18th century which is dedicated to Lord Vishnu in his boar incarnation. Phewa lake has the maximum depth of 24 meters and an average depth of 8.6 meters while the maximum length and width is 4km and 2km respectively.

It is set on the short trek of the World Peace Pagoda to enjoy the breathtaking view of the ranges. So, you can visit Phewa lake in the Pokhara to make your trip memorable.

Begnas Lake:

Begnas Lake is another famous lake in the Pokhara which lies one of the natural freshwater lakes. is also the second largest of the eight lakes in the Pokhara with a maximum depth of  10 meters. In Begnas Lake, you can go for Boating, fishing, and even you can enjoy the swimming. We can easily say that Begnas lake is one of the tourists’ destinations.

Top 9 most famous places in Pokhara

It is one of the top most famous places in Pokhara Nepal. It is one of the freshwater lakes in the  Pokhara City. Begnas lake is getting the high popularity in the tourism sector and also a beautiful lake in the Kathmandu city. Its beauty attracts thousands of visitors every year.

Pokhara Shanti Stupa:

Pokhara Shanti Stupa is just above the Phewa Lake with white World Peace Pagoda. The Stupa is built by the Buddhists monks as a symbol of the peace ( i.e peace=shanti and pagoda=stupa). Its base is painted in full white and the top with the golden color which has the diameter of 344 meters that stands 115-meter feet tall.

Top 9 most famous places in Pokhara

The stupa gives you the two tiers for tourists and religious people. On the second tier, you can see the four statues of the Buddha which are displayed, each one from another different country: ‘Dharmacakra Mudra’ which is from Japan, ‘Bodh Gaya’ which is from Sri-Lanka, ‘Khushinagar’ from Thailand, and Lumbini which is from Nepal. All Statues represents the important events related to the Lord Buddha.if you want to learn more about the Lord Buddha and want to study the brilliant Pagoda Architecture and intimate yourself to the Buddhist teaching and scriptures you can visit the Pokhara Shanti Stupa.

Gupteswor Mahadev Cave:

Pokhara is mainly known for the adventure place. Among all the varieties of adventure and landmarks, Gupteswor Mahadev Cave is one of them. The Davi’s fall flows from down into the tunnel to this cave. It is believed that it to be centuries old and houses naturally formed structures resembling the Shiva Lingam, making it a site of religious importance and also a tourists Hotspot.

Top 9 most famous places in Pokhara

It is about 40m away from the entrance point. If you want to feel more adventures, walk further towards the second part of a cave which is the worship site. Gupteswor Mahadev Cave is another of nature’s marvels in Pokhara. You can’t just believe on it you have to see with your own eyes to experience and feel with your own eyes to see the natural wonder.


Sarankot is another famous place of Pokhara which is situated in the western part of Nepal. It is away from the city noise which is the small hill village of Sarankot. It is surrounded by rich nature and main cities.

Top 9 most famous places in Pokhara

Among the other Sarankot is also one of the offerings a retreat, it a popular tourist destination and also popular for the paragliding launch point. You can see different jaw-dropping views of a mountain and other scenes of the down valley which are one of the most beautiful scenes you will see from Sarankot. Many visitors or tourists from national and international country visit the destination at dawn and dusk as it is the perfect timing of sunrise and sunset. It is one of the top most famous places in Pokhara. If you planning to visit Pokhara don’t miss to visit the Sarankot.

Devi’s Fall:

Devi’s fall is one of the most tourist attraction places and important landmarks in Pokhara. It is a type of waterfall which falls down into the tunnel which is approximately 150m long and runs 30m below the ground level.

Top 9 most famous places in Pokhara

There is one small story behind Devi’s falls. It is said that the in 1961 31st July, when the Swiss couple, named Davi went for the swimming from above the fall and the wife, could not make it and drowned in a pit because of the overflow. After three days the body was found after a great effort from purse river and after then the river was named Devi’s fall which also called as the patale chango; which means the underworld waterfall. Devi’s fall is known for the area of beauty and tranquility and its legend of devil’s fall touch the mystery of the sites. You don’t have to wait for the day or time to visit the fall. You can visit anytime. But monsoon season will be the best time to visit Devi’s fall.

If you are going to visit the Pokhara don’t forget to visit Devi’s fall.

The old Bazar:

The old Bazar is not so famous for the tourist destination but it is one of the best places which is rich culture and tradition. In old Bazar, you can see a different taste of Nepali cultures. The old Bazar lies between the Tibet and Kathmandu.

Top 9 most famous places in Pokhara

It is one of the underrated places in Pokhara. Since last year many local, as well as International people, are visiting the Bazar. You can also get the beautiful view of mountains from the Bazar. It is quite from the sounds and shores from the city area.

Because of its beauty and traditions, it is also included as the top 9 famous places in Pokhara.

BindBasini Temple:

After the old Bazar BindBasini Temple is another famous place in Pokhara. It lies at 3,000 ft above from the sea level, on the top of the hill. BindBasini temple is designed in pagoda style dome which is located at the old Bazar. Not only for worshipped but many Hindu people come for the marriage ceremony.

Top 9 most famous places in Pokhara

In 1845 the temple was founded by the King Khadka Bum Malla. You can also enjoy many fabulous of the city including Mountain Machhapuchhre and Annapurna from this place. Many people sacrifice animals to fulfill their needs and wishes. BindBasini is also committed to Goddess Bhagwati, yet another appearance of Shakti.

It is one of the most famous and attractive places of Pokhara.

Tal Barahi Temple:

It is another famous temple after the BindBasini Temple. This temple is dedicated to the Hindu Goddess Durga, which is located on a small island on the Phewa Lake of the Pokhara. Barahi Temple is designed in a pagoda style. Every year many local, as well as International people, visit the Barahi Temple, which is also one of the attractions of the Phewa Lake.

Tal Barahi Temple, on a small island in Phewa Lake, Pokhara, Nepal.

Among the other places, Barahi Temple has the major attraction of tourism. It is carrying many potentials for tourism should be protected for its unique and beautiful architecture also for coming years. Its beauty and uniqueness attract tourism and also the local people. So, it is regarded as the top most famous places in Pokhara.

There are many other famous places for visiting but I recommended among the top 9 places of the Pokhara. We all know Pokhara is one of the most beautiful and tourist attraction place. Pokhara is also included as the cleanness city of Nepal.

If you are planning to visit Nepal then you can visit Pokhara once for your memorable holiday trip. Don’t forget to visit Pokhara because it is one of the best recommended perfect destinations for your Holiday, family Holiday, or a solo tour.

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