Best mobile phone in the world

Best mobile phone in the world

Mobile phone in today World has bucked this trend. In today world more than millions of people are using mobiles phones. According to the research that the global revenue generated by smartphones reached a staggering over $264.75 billion in 2014 while the estimated 91% of the citizens are now on the fully functioned smartphones and iPhones.

Today you can get one by one of the best smartphones in the World. So, understanding your thinking for the best mobile phones in the mind we are here with the top 10 best mobile phones in the World.

The iPhone 6: iPhone has played the most dominant player in the World. Among the many mobile phones in the World iPhone is one of them. It has a larger resolution 4.7-inch display, a significantly improved battery, and also a slimmer and more aesthetically pleasing design than the previous iPhone. It is also impressive with the highly evolved iOS 8, which features an advanced graphics engine referred to simply metal as the numerous and also with the incremental improvements that contribute towards the seamless user experience. iPhone 6 has popularity because of the aside from its competitive pay-as-you-go price point of $539($826.15).   

The HTC One (M8): The HTC one is one of the flagships on the premier handset until 2014. It has become one of the best smartphones until the present time. It is the smartphones which have the 5-inch display which has extremely which you can see with high quality and delivers clearly defined imagery, whether you are on the reviewing pictures or streaming a movie online. And also boasts a wide range of useful widget and applications which includes real-time weather feature. It starts from the approximate price of $535(820.02) and offers you the good value with a handset such as Sony Xperia Z3 and Samsung’s Galaxy Alpha. Its camera will not even disappoint you so, you can take the HTC one as one of the best mobile phones in the World.

The LG G3: As the LG may be synonymous with the video streaming and 4k televisions, which has developed a number of smartphones. You can find different corse expertise with designing the G3 which you can find from the $479, with regarding a stylish design and also stylish design and high-resolution display. It has a handset with a with a 5.5-inch display and an outstanding 13.1 megapixel and a rear-facing camera. The phone having features makes it ideal for capturing video and streaming out online when they are easy to access. So, you can say that the LG G3 is also one of the best phones in the World.

The Samsung Galaxy S5: The Samsung Galaxy S5 is one of the best phones in the market. It starts at nearly retail price from £579($887.46). The handset features are undoubtedly 16-megapixel camera, which boasts a dynamic range and a high-performance Auto Focus function. You can find its groundbreaking 16 mega-pixel camera and dynamic range with high-performance Auto Focus Function. It has its high-resolution 5.1-inch touch screen. So, you can take the Samsung Galaxy also like the smartphone.

The Moto G Handset: In today’s mobile market you can find the Moto G Handset as one of the best phones in the market. You can find Moto G as one of the latest Version of the Android, and outstanding audio quality. The Moto G handset has the unique features which distinguish Moto G from its rivals. It can be purchased from new for as £135($206.92) which is also from the lower price than iPhone6 or Sony Xperia Z3. so can take it because of undoubtedly it is the leading budget smartphones.

The Nexus 5: The Nexus which is released in 2015 is World’s first modular handset which is released onto the consumer market. The Nexus 5 is currently selling on price £295($415.12). You can find 2 GB of RAM, and a 4.9 inch of resolution screen and offers the perfect balance of style, function, and affordability for customers. The Nexus 5 is one of the best mobile phones.

The iPhone 5S: The iPhone 5S is another best mobile phone in the World which provides features such as purposeful handset that offer considerable value for the money. It can be purchased from £149 ($228.38). This iPhone 5S represents significant value even in an age of simple, affordable handset. So, you can also take the iPhone 5S as one of the best mobile phones.  

You can find more best mobile phones in the World, which have many more features but the mentioned mobile phones are on our list because of their great features and price. So, take that depends on your decision that which phone is good and suitable for you and suits you according to your personality. In our list here are the Best Mobile phones which give you the best features.    

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